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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) - Click to see scheduled courses

The eight week course offered is intended to facilitate personal investigation of mindfulness in everyday life, and its application to stress and life challenges. The course is an experiential training in the practice of mindfulness, learned through meditation and movement, to help new ways of handling challenging physical sensations, feelings, moods or experiences. The aim of the course is to deepen understanding of the way we think, feel and react to stress and to understand and practice mindful responses to stress.

What does MBSR involve?

The course consists of eight weekly classes of two hours with up to 15 people working together as a group. During the course you will learn how to develop mindfulness through ‘formal’ meditation practices, including sitting meditation, gentle movement, stretching and body awareness exercises, and also ‘informal’ practices, for example, bringing mindful attention to ordinary, everyday experiences. An important part of the learning process is through reflection and exploration of your experience of practice, and through discussion in small groups and large groups. You do not need any previous knowledge or experience of mindfulness, or meditation to come on the course.

Who is the course for?

Everyone can benefit from mindfulness. The programme is known to benefit people with a range of physical and psychological problems, but it is not necessary to have a specific health problem to find it helpful. We all have times when we experience stress and difficulty. Illnesses or difficulty may not change, but the way in which we deal with them can shift, making it all feel easier. Being more aware and accepting of our thoughts and feelings means we are in a better place to make wise choices, and deal with difficulties more effectively. The course can therefore benefit anyone who is at a point where they are willing and ready to look deeply at themselves.

What are the benefits?

Evidence-based research has shown the training in mindfulness and MBSR can positively affect participants’ ability to reduce medical symptoms and psychological distress, while learning to live life more fully. (For more information on this research, see www.oxfordmindfulness.org and  www.bangor.ac.uk/mindfulness.)

The MBSR programme has benefitted people with a variety of conditions and concerns:

  • Stress in relationships, family, work, finances, during times of uncertainty and change.
  • Illness and chronic pain, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, asthma, skin disorders.
  • Anxiety, panic, depression, fatigue and sleep disturbances.
  • Learning self-care, enhancing well-being and dealing more effectively with life’s ups and downs.

Most people completing the MBSR programmes report that they gain lasting benefits, such as:

  • More energy and enthusiasm
  • A greater capacity for relaxation
  • More self confidence
  • An increased ability to handle stressful situations

Bespoke Courses - Click to see scheduled courses

  1. Mindfulness Taster Workshops One, two three or four hour – bespoke workshop to suit the organisation.
  2. Mindfulness Meditation for beginners
  3. Keeping Mindfulness Alive – Up to five hours - bespoke day for those who have completed a mindfulness course.

These introductory courses are designed to offer a taste of mindfulness-based approaches, through simple but coherent introduction to mindfulness practice, and how this can be beneficially brought into the home, workplace and all aspects of daily life.  Courses can be tailored on request to the particular needs of a group or organisation.  They are all compatible and coherent with the MBSR course. You are welcome to give Liz a ring to discuss personal or organisational requirement. Phone: 07894 716511 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

1:1 mindfulness teaching

Mindfulness can be taught on a 1:1 basis (in person or on-line) which can be suitable if you are unable to attend organised course dates or you feel it is more suitable for your life situation. 

Cost £70 per session

You are welcome to contact Liz to discuss your situation if you are interested in this personal approach. Phone: 07894 716511 or email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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